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A Slogan That Says It All!


Antoine Kaufman

Draeger's Culinary Director

A slogan that says it all: “Zoomed out”? As you may have seen lately on our teaser postcards, Draeger’s is excited to reopen the doors of its cooking schools soon.
Rather than cook alone, we want to cook together again! Let’s share what makes cooking a real treat: being together around the kitchen and lots of laughs, food, and friends around the table.
Cooking is sharing your love and appreciation with friends and family- much better done in person than online, hence our slogan.
So, with that in mind, what’s cooking up for this new season of culinary classes at Draeger’s?
Expect the unexpected with your new Culinary Director: me, Antoine Kaufman!
We will explore various cuisines of the world, up-and-coming chefs, passionate lecturers, cooking book authors, and entertaining themes. Welcome to our new culinary edutainment series! Here is a glimpse of our new exclusive classes to open your appetite!

A tribute to friendship is always great. Named “Les Copines,” which means girlfriends in French, we will offer a culinary class that celebrates friendship.
In the BFF series: "Bring your Bestie", you will learn new tricks and elevate your culinary game in this lovely demo/hands-on relaxed yet stylish class that culminates in a Thursday brunch delight in Menlo Park.

Zero waste is the new game's name. How to make exquisite dishes with what you have or, should I say, what you do not know you have in your kitchen? We have you covered with the zero waste Queen, cookbook author, and culinary chef Anne-Marie Bonneau.

Speaking of zero waste- do you remember the time when we fed our dogs with what was left from our meals? Let’s power back our wagging machines with real food! Yes, you read correctly! We are working on a series of demos on preparing unique treats for your Dog. Just like us, dogs enjoy good food! We will demonstrate in this fun class how to prepare delicious meals using quality ingredients. A big bark out to the chefs compiling tips and recipes for your lovely animal!

Another hot topic is food styling for entertaining. With the click of her camera and her culinary assistant, renowned food photographer Caren Alpert will show you how to transform a plate into an Instagrammable piece ready to have millions of followers! In this class, you will explore both the techniques of plating and photography and learn about tricks and tips on how to elevate your home food presentation through individual plating, family-style dining, and buffets. Get ready to be famous!

Have you always wanted to learn the secrets of French sweet and savory crepe making?
Become the Sunday Crepe professional you have always wanted to be by taking a class presented by Draeger’s own Culinary Director, Antoine Kaufman!
A secret traditional buckwheat recipe will be revealed in this class, and the techniques of making crepes on professional crepe griddles.
We will explore the very secrets of the Druids in this highly entertaining culinary Crepe voyage. Get ready for some laughs and yummy discoveries as taught by the best crepe maker in the world (or at least in California)!