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Excuse my French! The story of a happy mise en place


Antoine Kaufman

Draeger's Culinary Director

Excuse my French! The story of a happy mise en place

If you were to ask me: “what is the most important ingredient that will make your cooking outstanding?”
I will answer, without hesitation: You!
You and the way you organize yourself.

First of all, the prelude to a happy dish is your shopping list.
Nothing more frustrating than missing an ingredient or not taking me to check your pantry or fridge.
Also, ask yourself some basic questions:
Are all the ingredients in season? Easy to find? Being biased, I would say, yes, if you shop at Draeger’s!

Once your shopping is done, store all ingredients appropriately until you are ready to cook.

But nothing will come into shape if you do not start with an excellent mise en place. Mise en place (pronounced: meez-on plans) is all about preparation and organization. It’s a French term that translates to “everything in its place.” When it comes to cooking, “everything” means anything you will need to prepare a specific recipe. That includes all ingredients and any equipment and utensils you may need. Mise en place is the opening act of cooking, the prelude to a happy dish and a happy Chef since all the time consuming work will already be done.

Once you are ready to cook, pull everything out.
Most of the labor of cooking goes into prep; every professional Chef goes through this daily routine.
If you do the same at home, you will turn into a happy Cook! And your dishes into fabulous ones.
From the moment the food arrives in your Kitchen to the moment, it is served, the better the travel, the better food will taste.

Time-wise, start with what takes the longest me, and do not forget to allocate me for planning, the final touch.
Improving your Mise en Place will drastically improve your cooking.
And do not forget to pour yourself a glass of wine; it does help your cooking too!

Now that you are ready to prep enjoy your cooking!
Happy mise en place and happy cooking From Antoine Kaufman!

Culinary Director at Draeger’s