Caren Alpert

San Francisco based photographer Caren Alpert used her passion of food imagery and food issues to create her latest fine art project microscopically photographing food.
Through her lens, common food items from blueberries to fortune cookies are transformed into wondrous and often mysterious landscapes of texture and color.

  • Picture Perfect Entertaining
    San Mateo
    Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 6:00 P.M.

    Join Draeger’s Artist in Residence and food photographer Caren Alpert while she transforms your plate into an Instagrammable piece of artwork ready for thousands of views.
    In this class, Caren, along with her food stylist, will explore both the techniques of prepping and plating food, overlaid with photographic best practices to elevate your food presentation.
    You will walk away with tips and tricks on how to be visually creative and intentional when it comes to individual plating, family-style dining, and buffets.
    Get ready to be famous!